Mantraraj Paliwal – India’s Youngest Retail Business Tycoon

Mantraraj Paliwal- India’s Youngest Retail Business Tycoon

India gets its youngest business tycoon in retail- Mantraraj Paliwal and once again it is manifested with great impact that youth is here to create a great difference. In the world where money, experience and age play a significant role in the deciding the way people receive you and your idea, this young enthusiastic dreamer of new generation has emerged as game changer. Bestowing a huge credit to “power of idea” and “high-spirits” needed to turn the tables around, the diligent young businessman is all too surprising in his way of business operation.

Having roots from a small town in Rajasthan, Mantraraj Paliwal is young visionary businessperson, and Vice Chairman in Miraj Group. Headquartered in Nathdwara, Miraj Group is one of India’s leading conglomerate that operates in erupting 10+ global domains.  Holding ace-ranking in verticals such as real-estate, tobacco, printing and packaging, film production, the group in the pioneering guidance of Mantraraj is all set to take on the retail world.

Sharing the same fire of will and legendary notion of quality and trust as his father, Mr. Madan Paliwal, Chairman of Miraj Group, the business mogul is walking the same lane of innovation. Starting his career by introducing a fashion retail chain in clothing segment, Mantraraj Paliwal has created a great haul for ‘Miraj Labels’ in first few cities.

Beginning from Hometown

Starting his career with his very own venture – Miraj Labels and Miraj Supermarket Stores at Nathdwara and Udaipur Rajasthan, Mantra Raj Paliwal sees a huge growth potential in the southern Rajasthan. He believes in the touristy spirit of the city and shares his fondness for the city’s gorgeous scenic location. Sensing the traditionalism in the business operations, the hometown of this promising young talent-for-business became not only his very first business investment but also came as a challenge. Wanting to metamorphosis Nathdwara and Udaipur from their old-school ways to more dependable and technology-driven business operations, the successful of Miraj Retails is an exemplary testimony.

The Very First Retail Startup

The young and dynamic think tank of Miraj Group on sharing his reasons behind choosing retail says,” Time holds the transformative powers. It changes, and like a west wind it carries the potential to re-invent the world around. Same is with business, it is very important that you stay always ready for that big transformation that is about to take over.”

Experience: Lender of Upper Hand

Precautiously planning his every move, Mantraraj Paliwal assembled a team of some of the most experienced and known names of the retail industry. He shares, “it is easy to assemble a team of aces, but what comes as the biggest challenge is to bind them as one in a team.” Continuing further he says, “For cohesive working and needed synergy in the workplace environment shared by the key players, I have made it mandatory to personally meet and know their understanding on various aspects of business so as to create a productive work-place ecosystem.”

Rajasthan’s No.1

Bagging accolades and popularity for his visionary thinking for business, Mantraraj Paliwal is one of the leading businesspersons in Southern Rajasthan.

An Idea can Change your Life

Making his very first strike a successful one, he sees the accomplishments of Miraj Labels and Miraj Retail as only a beginning. He is making a steady pace into many leading cities and is inspiring more youngsters towards self-employment in the process.

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