The Motivation you need to start practicing yoga this Yoga Day

The motivation you need to start practicing yoga this Yoga Day

We live in an era, where we wake up each day to be active and productive so that we can achieve all the targets for the day. At the time, when ideally we must be skipping ropes, all we skip is exercise on the whole. This good habit of procrastination in us makes ‘living a healthy life’ a bummer of an execution. It’s not true that we haven’t tried to do the onerous and complicated yoga asanas, but we fail to continue with it regularly. Then we convince our self saying it’s not our fault; we are a part of this following vicious circle:

Step 1: We look at the celebrities in stylish yoga pants and active wear we do feel motivated

Step 2: We see multiple yoga videos and convince ourselves for yoga before going to bed.

Step 3: We snooze the alarm until we run out of time.

Step 4: And the guilt story continues

Although we know, Yoga is so relaxing and stress relieving, but we can’t stop ourselves from choosing pizza and Netflix do that for us! Then we end up feeling guilty all day. With this blog, we are going to tell you how there is no harm in not doing yoga. We are mentioning the perks of not doing yoga, see if that helps:

1. You will have a body as stiff as ROCK:

This is a fact known by one and all, that practicing yoga for a long time on a regular basis, increases body flexibility. Yoga asanas, if performed correctly, stretch our muscles and strengthens our bones. Not practicing yoga will help us be the fat stiff Baymax in the movie The Big Hero. He was such a cute character; just that he could not fit himself easily in his costume most of the times.

2. You will be good Host…. To diseases:

Doing yoga helps our body release unwanted toxins by creating a hostile environment for germs. Yoga boosts our metabolic rate which in turn strengthens our immunity, killing the diseases. On the contrary, we can be nice to those tiny microbes, by not exercising regularly. We accumulate toxins and help microbes to develop a community inside of our system and have fun!

3. You will stand a good rank in stress meters:

We all know how doing meditation and yoga in Nature for a bare minimum of 10 minutes, uplifts our nervous system and releases happiness-inducing hormones. It is scientifically proven that practicing yoga helps to lower the stress levels. But, we choose to exceed, like we do in every sphere of like. We crave for stress that pushes us to meet our deadlines at work, so there we are!

4. You will get to shop for new clothes because old ones won’t fit you:

You get to shop! What can be a better benefit of not maintaining a good body shape than this? Yoga helps you lose fat and maintain a good posture, but then you will easily fit in your old clothes. By not doing yoga and binge-eating unhealthy diet, your old clothes won’t be your friend anymore. Phew, time for some new stuff!

5. Only your skin will grow old and dull:

We know, we know! Yoga is good for the skin. It helps in maintaining the excess oil levels under the skin and makes our skin glow. But, we have a lot of make-up tutorials that can help us cover our acne and spots in no time! So, you don’t need to worry if you can’t touch your toes and maintain various yoga postures.

We are all here to cheer you up, no matter what! But, on a serious note, abiding by your morning fitness plan, is a way of showing care for yourself. If not daily, one should choose to do yoga at least 3-4 days a week. Your body will love you back in uncountable ways. So, this International Yoga day, promise yourself a gift of good health by doing 30 minutes of yoga each day.

You must try to go out to the nearest garden area and practice yoga there. To facilitate a serene and peaceful garden space in Nathdwara, Miraj Group is coming up with Tatpadam Upavan. With the stupefying Shiva statue and beautiful aura, you are surely not going to miss another yoga session of yours.  We hope that you have realized our intentions of motivating you to start doing yoga regularly. So, Happy International Yoga Day!!

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