Flaunt in Blue: A quick guide to align your everyday fashion in world cup style

Gear Up Indians: Blue is the color of the Month

One can never misdress wearing Blue because blue is the color synonymous to elegance and refinement. Since a very long time, Blue is considered a color of solemnity which is the reason why it was considered the most suitable to be worn on extremely royal or special occasions. But, with the passage of time, Blue […]

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Mantraraj Paliwal- India’s Youngest Retail Business Tycoon

Mantraraj Paliwal – India’s Youngest Retail Business Tycoon

India gets its youngest business tycoon in retail- Mantraraj Paliwal and once again it is manifested with great impact that youth is here to create a great difference. In the world where money, experience and age play a significant role in the deciding the way people receive you and your idea, this young enthusiastic dreamer […]

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