Statue of Belief: Reimaging Nathdwara

Shiva is Shakti - The Tallest Statue of Lord Shiva is Here to Depict this!

Nathdwara is a gorgeous town perched on the west of Rajasthan state of India. Enclave by the pristine blue waters of the river Banas, and ever-green Aravalli Hills, the city of Nathdwara is also one of the most visited sacred cities of India.

Home to the deity- Shrinathji, Nathdwara holds the honor of housing one of the oldest Krishna temples of India. Having roots about 14th Century old, the city gets its name from the god himself, meaning “gateway to Shrinathji”.

However, the current seems to have changed the direction. From going synonymic to old and sacred, the city is creating a global buzz for the latest revamp it has undergone. Courtesy by Miraj Group, Nathdwara is on the verge of inaugurating the world’s tallest Shiva Statue, which also happens to be the 4th tallest statue in the world.

Standing tall at 351 ft, the structure is an epitome of integrity and unity of India surpassing the Statue of Liberty by 45 Feet. Developed by Tatpadam Upavan the Statue has won the title of being world’s 4th tallest statue built in about 35,000 sq. meters of area.

Budgeted at about 175 cr.; the project started on 17th April 2013 by Miraj Developers Pvt. Ltd. Started as a dream project of Mr. Madan Paliwal, Chairman, Miraj Group and Mr. Mantraraj Paliwal, Vice President, Miraj Group, this visionary project was executed to enhance the beauty and tourism of Nathdwara. It is also awarded recently to cross the benchmark statistic of 8 million man-hours.

Located amidst the Aravalli Hills, the structure is being built to suit the sacred theme and history of the city. It graces Lord Shiva in a calm posture along with a sculpture of his disciple Nandi. The structure is still under construction and is expected to open its gates for the regular spectators this year. Other than its state of the art architecture and bewitching craft of sculpting, it adorns a viewing gallery opening up at the 270-280 feet fissuring at the chest of Shiva Statue.

Adding to the excitement of tourists, Statue of Belief is planned to along an amusement park inclusive of all the modern amenities such as food court, amphitheatre, world-class amusement rides, zip-liner, handicraft shops, souvenir shops and of course the dense forest that graces the entire Mewar region.

This high investment project is also mapped with exclusive entertainment resources to fit every requirement. From light shows to artist performances to compelling musical fountains it is a dream come true for every tourist seeking a getaway from their mundane city lives.

Statue Details

The landmark monument is built with 2500 tons of refined steel. Not stopping at that, the Shiva Statue itself is entirely being glazed by high-quality copper, holding a zinc-built pedestal on which the entire statue sits. Complementing the statue is built Nandi, which is about 37 feet wide and 25 feet tall in size. Beautifully completing the whole structure, it is built with 6 tons of steel alone.

There are three viewing galleries, placed at different heights on the overall 351 feet tall structure, 20 feet, 110 feet, 270 feet respectively connected via elevator.  The lower floor of the structure has a dedicated meditation and yoga centre, with air-conditioned halls and intricate stone artwork.  Along the Shiva Statue and Nandi is a proposed amusement park covering 16 acres of the region.

Amusement Park Details

Power-packed to give away unmatchable fun, the amusement park is orchestrated for ultimate fun, entertainment and relaxation of tourist while revamping the old soul image of Nathdwara as a city.

1. Food Court

Having about more than 10 outlets, it is approximated to hold about 100 food enthusiasts at a time. This multi-cuisine international food court is built to fit the requirements of vendors as well as it is a provider of comfort to the visitors.

2. Amusement Park

Holding about every luxury ride, the amusement park is dotted with amazing recreational features. Some of the planned rides here are Giant Wheel, Sky Swinger, Trackless Train, Bumper car.

3. Amphitheatre

Having the capacity to entertain about 600 spectators, the amphitheatre has 2 green rooms. It is a fully equipped amphitheatre, a dedicated performance area is proposed of about 1350 ft for musical and theatrical performances.

4. Fountain

Adding up to the serenity of the amusement park is a gigantic musical fountain, adorned with exceptional lighting elements. It adds up to the theatrical aspect of the amusement park, complemented with an enormous sitting area. The fountain also has reasonable proximity to the food court.

5. Gardens

Well manicured gardens are planned near the food court, adding to the greenery nearby. Tourists are a given a large area to sit and relax and enjoy their time in the velvety soft grass are while enjoying the musical fountain show.

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