The Range of Super Creative Stationery that Aligns with your Persona

Stationery to get the best out of your creativity

The ever-expanding Miraj Group has left no stone unturned in establishing themselves as the Leading Business Group in every possible field. Miraj Multicolour Pvt. Ltd. endeavors to recognize, nurture and celebrate the creativity in work and education. They have thrived to achieve the benchmark in getting recognized as the number one stationery items brand in Rajasthan. With the capacity of creating 3,50,000 notebooks per day, they have succeeded in procuring the most relevant range of stationery products that withstand the tests of quality and satisfy the needs of different customer sets.

We all know how attractive Notebooks, Drawing Books, scrapbooks, etc. are that they instigate us to pin down our thoughts in them. Remember how we use to corner the best-designed college book for our most favourite subject, from the given set of notebooks. Also, sometimes some books are very close to our heart because they are like a companion who keeps our deepest thoughts confidential without any judgments. With the Exquisite range of stationery provided by the company, we bet you are going to fall in love with more than one design. Therefore, to foster in people the willingness to use attractive stationery products in students, the company puts the most imaginative graphics on their cover pages. Following are the list of School stationery products that are designed and manufactured by the reputed Miraj Multicolour Pvt. Ltd. using premium quality A grade mill paper.

1. College Book

With the key features like Name Label on the index page, date and page number section on every page and multitudinous cover page designs, we offer supreme quality college notebooks. The notebooks are manufactured in the variants of size like A4 and foolscap to cater to your needs.

2. Drawing Book

We offer both the big and small sized drawing books, each having the same number of premium quality thick drawing sheets. The vivacious front cover designs are sure to kindle the artist inside you, thus helping you make the most of it.

3. Graph Book

Binding the high-quality graph paper under the super intellectual cover designs, the Miraj Group manufactures graph books in two sizes. Each of these variants comprises of 32 pages and can be availed at very pocket-friendly prices.

4. Practical Notebook

These meticulously designed practical notebooks do not only look alluring but also, have the wisdom-inducing thoughts of Scientist at their back. With our 96 & 144 pages variant spanning across India, these practical Notebooks have marked their position in the market.

5. Composition Book

We know you trust your deepest and most genuine thoughts with your personal composition books. So, Miraj Multicolour works tirelessly on presenting you with high quality at a very nominal price.

6. Exercise Book

To make homework fun, we present you with the superior quality exercise book with beguiling front page designs. When the idea of good quality at the economic price range, Miraj exercise books are surely going to be your first choice.

7. Long Book

Taking care of elegance and utility, our premium quality long books with attractive cover pages have emerged as the most “in-demand” stationery product. The long book simply makes way for more data without increasing the page count considerably, thus making them easy to carry.

8. Scrap Book

Marking our prominence as the most widely chosen scrapbook manufacturers, we have succeeded in catering the kids with the designs they love.

9. Spiral Book

This is the category of writing pads that are most loved by every set of customers. So, to fulfill our commitment of leaving a lasting impression, our spunky spiral notebooks are at your disposal. We offer a wide range of spiral books in standard size with the capacity of 200 pages that are easily available in the market.

Ideas slip off our minds easily, so stop by and stab those ideas into your dearest notebooks before they are gone forever. Our intelligent implementation of image processing along with the supreme printing and packaging facilities, we are always working to create myriad options for you to choose your favourite notebooks from.


We know using a particular brand of notebooks and stationery becomes an important part of our school and college memories that we cherish all our life. Miraj Multicolour harnesses the power of IT to bring you the most captive and note-worthy stationery products that deserve to be a part of your memories forever.

Using the best printing and finishing equipment, Miraj Group has successfully entrenched themselves as one of the largest paper stationery brands in India. Their stationery division is working tirelessly on creating both scholastic and office stationery products of superior quality. We aim at implementing better technologies that output supreme quality paper. Our efforts have made our history as illustrious as the stationery products we deliver. Our intelligently curated designs have made Miraj Multicolour Pvt. Ltd., a leading supplier of stationery products in a short span of time.

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