Our Top 6 Office Notebooks to deliver Quality with Excellence

High quality stationery products that can be used in your office

We know how the electronic age has taken a grip over today’s professional conversation pattern. But, we can’t deny the fact that no amount of advancement in the available substitutes can overshadow the importance of office stationery. Without the solid paperwork, it is nearly impossible to conduct the business and tasks without confusion. This is the reason why suppliers have worked on creating a wide range of office stationery products. From contracts and assignments to official letters and personal notepads, everything holds an indispensable place to run an office smoothly and efficiently.

Any office, that wants to be projected as a planned organization, needs to have the complete range of office stationery made available to their employees. It leaves a very bad impression on the client when they receive contracts proposed on the sloppy letterheads. This is the reason why having well-schemed office stationery is crucial. Miraj Multicolour being wary of the situation offers an amazing range of office stationery products that supplement the non-cluttered presentation of ideas and text. Take a look at the range of high-quality stationery products that can be used in your office as well:

1. Conference Pad

The conference pad is the most important stationery that becomes your friend while you have to collect and store multiple instructions in a business meeting. You can simply not afford to miss out on any big or small detail, which is why every company must have a conference pad made available to every employee in the office. Miraj Multicolour manufactures conference notepads from superior grade paper bonded perfectly to serve the convenience they are designed for. Manufactured at standard size, they are available at very cost efficient prices.

2. Foolscap Paper

Foolscap paper provides space for clean and uncluttered legal documents that are an important part of any business organization. The premium quality foolscap sheets are available in two packs one of 58 sheets and the other of 70 pages. Miraj Multicolour uses high-quality mill paper in a standard size to make your documents look presentable.

3. Pocket Memo

Using the A grade mill paper for manufacturing the super useful pocket memo, Miraj Multicolour provides the memo binding of 100 pages. It is the most eminent tool inside the office to keep a check on every task that you are assigned, or any important note that you need to take care of. This pocket memo is a must have when you have to be an employee who takes care of every instruction.

4. Duplicate Book

Duplicate book is another must-have office stationery that is used across offices. Miraj Multicolour offers a premium quality paper book that has both ruled and plain sheets simultaneously. We use the American style hardbound and stitch bound binding to keep your paperwork safe.

5. Notepad

The notepads can be personalized for your company that makes a strong impression on the visitors. Our company offers a stellar range of attractive notepads fabricated with superior quality paper. The lined paper notepads are available in various sizes, each containing 160 pages.

6. Ruled Paper

Ruled papers are extensively used in various offices. You get to choose from single-sided ruled paper or the double-sided ruled paper, as manufactured by Miraj Multicolour. The high-quality thick paper is brought to use to create ruled paper packs of 60 sheets each.

In a nutshell, we would like to re-emphasize the importance of having personalized and innovative stationery for your office. Miraj Multicolour can work on bringing your idea into reality and give a cutting edge to your stationery format. If you aim to increase the brand value of your business and get into the good books of your clients, it is mandatory to keep your office stationery presentable.

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