Miraj Roti Master: Cooking Made Simple

Miraj Roti Master, one of the best kitchen gadgets in India

Gone are the days when the softness of rotis and yummy taste were alien concepts in your hostel or busy work life. Remember the time when you wished you could simply create a robot that would at least handle the cooking part in your hectic daily regime. Well, your wishes have not gone unheard.

Miraj Presents Miraj Roti Master: Your Ultimate Automatic Roti Maker

Roti’s have always been a scale to measure your cooking prowess, but not now. At Miraj Engineering we highly root for your independence and automation of your critical works. We lend you an extra hand and save your time and resources.

Same has been materialized with Miraj Roti Master, one of the best kitchen gadgets in India. It is a fully automatic roti maker that helps you serve fluffy and absolutely delicious rotis in real-time. It is a state-of-the-art technology concept that becomes your sous chef in serving international food delights.

Run your Wild-Wild Cooking Imaginations

There is so much fun in trying out new recipes. This handy device for your kitchen comes with multi-utility qualities that allow you to get creative in your cooking style. Covering about a great range of international flatbread making techniques, now you just have to get hungry for maybe let’s say, ‘Mexican Tortillas’

We want you to feel absolutely liberated. Why let some flatbreads roundness or thickness be your result-sheet of how well do you cook? With Miraj Roti Maker we want you to embrace the creative chef within you and feed on the nutrition value of goodness of home cooking.

Why Rotimaster is a Must-have Kitchen Appliance?

Roti’s are no matter how much we delight in the warmth of international cuisine has become our first love. We Asian’s just can’t ever get over with the diversity and love of flatbreads available in South Asia.

However, compromises and work priorities have drifted us two apart. Scarcity of time and efforts placed in preparing rotis have led people to move towards frozen food items and restaurant deliveries.

Also, it is actually, in fact, a skillful task and requires years of practice to perfect the kneading and puffing of the food item. Of course, your studies and thereafter job allowed you no mercy in learning this art but craving for yummy rotis is all there.

And this ultimate need has led to the invention of Miraj Roti Maker. A roti making a robot that operated on AI and IoT technology to therein provide you the same skillful-art of roti making in a matter of few seconds.

  • Serves you roti’s in 90 sec.
  • International Flatbreads are easy and automatic to cook.
  • One touch process
  • Hygienic and nutritious flatbread
  • Alexa enabled
  • Flame Less cooking, a lot safer than LPG
  • Cost-effective

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