Check out the new Ready-to-Eat Food options that Take Care of your Diet

Miraj FMCG offering a healthy variety of food on the go

It is summertime and not everybody loves to stay back at home and cook three meals a day in the kitchen all day long. Also, this is the time when most of us get to relax and recharge ourselves by going on a vacation. We know how precious Maggie-eating moments during hostel life are. But it is not healthy to consume junk food on a daily basis. Also, if you are a working individual, it becomes very tiresome to cook after spending hours at the office and life becomes merciless. The only substitute people tend to resort to in this situation is order food online. Again this can also not be practiced daily unless you want to burn holes in your pockets.

The food we eat from our favorite food joints is undoubtedly tasty and mouth-watering but not healthy. We feel satisfied eating cheesecakes and burgers, but these foods do not keep us full for long. Moreover, the regular consumption of these food items gives a dramatic rush to blood sugar levels.

Miraj group has come up with a brilliant panacea for all the food-related issues. With their diligent team of experts and their utmost concern in maintaining supreme quality, they have launched a range of healthy ready to eat and ready to cook food items. Nutritious, tasty and filled with vital dietary elements, Miraj FMCG is bringing home the most healthy and easy-to-make food options at your disposal. Take a look at the following:

1. Ready-to-eat

Nothing can beat the contentment that we get after eating Parathas made by our mothers out of love. But when we move out and have to live on our own, we miss that badly. With the fine range of tasty ready to eat parathas, Miraj Group has got you covered on that. Packaged in the most salubrious and wholesome way, you can avail the tasty ajwain paratha, methi paratha, masala paratha and even plain parathas from the nearest Miraj Supermarkets. Just grab your favorite jam or pickle along with these delicious parathas, and stay satiated for the entire day.

2. Super easy to cook

If you are fond of cooking, but you do not get enough time to prepare your meals from scratch, then here are some nifty super easy to cook food items produced by the Miraj Group. With the help of experts and nutritionists, they have successfully launched ready-to-cook Veg Pulaav, Daal Chaval, Upma, Poha, Khichdi, Namkeen daliya, and even Sewaiyan Kheer. All these food options are rich in essential nutrients and can be easily made in a boil.

3. Instant Mix category

Don’t we sometimes feel confused with the proportions when it comes to cooking? To come to your rescue, another interesting category of food products launched by Miraj FMCG are these instant mix packets. They offer dosa mix, idli Mix and pakora Mix so that you can spoil yourself with delicacies on your weekends. You will never disappoint your guests now, with the advent of these savior instant-mix items. You just have to mix with the lukewarm water, prepare the batter and you are good to go. You can also satisfy your sweet tooth with Gulab Jamun Mix and then earn the pride of being a master chef by gaining good compliments from your guests.

4. Healthy Feast for your fast days

In a country like India, we do not fast out of religious reasons alone, we also fast to reduce the extra kilos that we have gained over slouching and couching. Fasting does not mean starving, in fact, it means skipping gluten and other fatty foods to forgo calories. You can buy protein-rich premium quality dry fruits marketed by Miraj Group. They also offer a ready-to-cook Sanwa (Vrat ahar), that can be the most satisfying food option to live on during your fast.

You may avail these delicacies at your nearest Miraj supermarket established all across Nathdwara and Udaipur. One can also go to Miraj Online store and purchase their favourite products. We ensure you get quality food delivered, at super fast speed. It is believed and proven by the top nutritionists that one must only consume fast food occasionally and must inculcate healthy eating habits. So, get your hands on these healthful and wholesome food products and save yourself from the consumption of junk food.

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