Premium taste and good quality: That’s Miraj’s promise for your cup of tea

Miraj Tea: Premium Taste and Good Quality

India is a nation wherein tea ranks amongst the most loved beverage and also a country governed by a Chaiwala himself. Remember the days, when nubile women used to bring the quaking tray of tea, all just to get married.  A cup of tea is wonderous, to an extent that it helps you activate your brain. It helps us focus better in whatever work we’re doing. It is even proven scientifically, that a cup of tea can even help you remember where you left your keys! Chai has some antioxidants that tend to activate the brain. This is the reason why we end up feeling awakened after consuming it. Be it any weather, but the first thing most of us love to do in the morning is to hold that warm cozy cup of tea in our hands.

Although there is an infinite set of reasons supporting why chai is so special, but we are listing only a few to let you know the most prominent ones in India:

1. It’s refreshing:

Whenever we experience any ubiquity, all we need is a cup of ‘cutting chai’. With every sip we take, we find solutions and things start getting un-cluttered.

2. Helps in Making memories:

Remember the days, when with our friends, we used to mug-up the entire syllabus one night before the exams? Chai always used to keep us awake while burning the midnight oil. Those memories that were made over chai breaks will always remain precious.

3. A healthy beverage:

Why do you think our parents and grandparents love chai so much? They never choose unhealthy drinks unlike us. So, chai is a cup of good health as well. The assorted garam masalas with signature flavors and various handcrafted blends are sure to make your chai moments into a healthy ritual.

4. Keeps a conversation going:

You can not underestimate the power of this beverage when it comes to boosting a chat over chai. Whether with a stranger or a friend or your gossip partner, tea can fuel the chit chat for hours.

5. The best drink we serve to our guests:

In India we have a tradition of welcoming our guests with a cup of chai, such is the magic of this beverage. Chai time makes way for a lot of heart-to-heart discussions, thus serving its purpose.

We feel tired, we need tea. We feel happy, we need tea. Even when we feel bored or depressed, we need tea to rebound. For a chai-crazy nation like ours, it becomes an important responsibility to take care of the quality. Miraj Tea has been serving quality tea since 2003, with the establishment of Miraj FMCG. They first ventured into producing branded Miraj Red tea, which dominated the market steadily and won over the hearts of a large group of people.

People often find it difficult in identifying the supreme quality tea, so we can help you to some extent. All you have to do is be sure on the following four grounds:

1. Look: Tea leaves must be less crumbled and must have minimal breakage. This is because such leaves have preserved aroma as well as well preserved flavor.

2. Touch: The tea must not feel over-dried. They must be a little smooth and slippery at the touch.

3. Smell: Although most of the tea brands try to add the artificial scent in tea, if you want to be sure of the original aroma, you need to smell it deeply.

4. Taste: Take small sips slowly, to let your tongue realize the flavors. You will come to know that a smooth taste with strong flavor is the best tea you are looking for.

We, at Miraj, make sure our tea withstand all the standard quality tests. The history and the use of tea in India are remarkable. It has been loved by one and all. We love “Chai garam chai” more than anything else when we are on any Indian Railway platform. We promise to deliver you the superior quality Tea so that you love your cup of tea.

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