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Inspiring list of unique Mother’s Day gift!

Sometimes a ‘thank you’ is just not enough. For what not you have to thank her. For being your best friend, for being your teacher, for being the one person you find resolute or for taking care of even the smallest of your needs. So many sacrifices and selflessness, mothers are the angels in disguise and deserve nothing but the best.

And each year there comes one day on which you can convey her all the appreciation of what she does for you. Of course, you can’t match or outdo her ever, but the smile on her face is to die for. Definitely, you can never thank her enough, but you can surely make her laugh and smile her heart out to give her the day she remembers all the lifetime.

Helping you out in the same errand, to help you in the gift hunt, we decided to put everything at one place. Visit Miraj Labels to buy her the perfect gift and celebrate the motherhood. You can also come with your mother to give her a big surprise.

Floral Printed Saree

The grace that matches the queen, settle for nothing less than best for the woman who has given everything best to you all your life. Floral sarees with the perfect hue to match the inner high spirits, your mother will love this gift and cherish for life.

With summer on the go, this becomes a perfect mother’s day gift if the wonder woman loves ethnic. Chic and stylish, it becomes her to match the strong persona. Also, why don’t you team this up with a perfect set of light jewelry?


No women can resist the gift of her favorite perfume. Just like the affection of a mother, perfumes are for a long time. Accentuating the womanhood of any woman, you just need to find out what is the ladies favorite cologne. Beauty and perfumes are a perfect match, and perfumes at Miraj Labels are the best mother’s day gifts.

Long Dress with an Ethnic Jacket 

Absolutely divalicious! Find her the best long dress, pair it up with a daring ethnic jacket because moms don’t like to be called non-fashionables. They know fashion like the back of their hand, don’t believe us? Where did you get all the fashion sense? See we told you.

Don’t settle for anything less than a designer inspired look; experiment mix and match- just remember what a perfect blend your mom is of everything good. So, you better remember the latest fashion trends for women and you don’t have to hunt them somewhere. Just drop a visit at Miraj Labels.  


There is a whole secret life inside a ladies purse. No women can resist the pull of a perfect handbag, but yes it is a daunting task.

There are hundreds of options available around to choose from, you just have to find the right one to match her style. Also, you can pair it up with the dress you are looking forward to buying for your wonder woman.

Beauty Hamper

Taking care of us, mothers seem to forget the pampering they need for themselves, let’s change it together. Create a perfect beauty hamper for her, fill it with your favorite beauty products she loves to adorn, and don’t forget to include the make-up products. Include her favorite eye shadow, lipstick, anti-aging cream, eye-liner and much more.

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