Miraj Labels – A Wave of Evolved Buyer Experience

Miraj Labels- A wave of evolved buyer experience

With great enthusiasm and craze, Miraj Group proudly announces the showcasing of their high-definition fashion store chain dubbed as – Miraj Labels.  It is a proud moment for Udaipur. Miraj Labels is one of its kind, very first venture to be started in Rajasthan. Not only is the concept of the brand totally alien and fresh for the natives of Udaipur, but also it is a bugle of impending change that going to take over the market with a storm.

As rich and royal is the air and backdrop of Udaipur, Labels is avant-garde to match the same spirit. But is this all? If you ask us, there is so much more to it. Investing and introducing a concept like that, is iconic to the west wind. It is a wave of up-scaling the shopper experience of people of Udaipur. The positive reactions and receival of Labels are going to churn up the investment process of other major brands in Udaipur, ultimately reinventing the city.

Investments are a huge part of development. Exposure is the key to change the way people see the far-established world. Fetching the things of the world which were only something built and available in the metro cities will open people to the quality products and brands.

Envisaging the change and turn-up of the city into ‘Smart’, this venture is designed to change consumer (native) perspective towards brands. It is one bold statement on the common notion consumer of Udaipur has of brands being costly and distant from the taste of people living in the second and third-tier cities. With that notion comes the inapprehension to the quality factors that brands flaunt. Till date, brands have been laden with so much of negativity and disapproval by the consumers of semi-urban cities, but it is about to change.

Given the trust and brand identity Miraj has in Southern Rajasthan, people are trusted to take a leap of faith. Young business tycoon and Vice Chairman of Miraj Group, Mr. Mantraraj Paliwal is thus not investing in business but is gifting Udaipur something that is going to transform its fate for the coming decade entirely. It is not an investment in the fashion industry; it is an investment in the future of Udaipur and in the journey of evolution from ‘just Udaipur’ to ‘Smarter Udaipur’.

Coming up in the Miraj Labels by Miraj Retail (dedicated retail segment of Miraj Group) are 40+ global fashion brands inclusive of latest fashion for women, men and kids. It is a one-store fashion solution to your every fashion need, from designer clothes to accessories to health and skincare products to cosmetics. The company visions to expand to 20+ Miraj Labels fashion stores in second and third-tier cities of India to become leading fashion retail chain in India.

With 40+ top of the game brands coming in Udaipur, it is surely going to expose the consumers of Udaipur to quality and state-of-the-art product development process. Empowering the consumer will help in bringing more opportunities for business and ultimately strengthening the spending power of the consumers. Not only will this make Udaipur a pot of new opportunities for the big brands, but also this will impact the outlook of local businesspersons to invest in unique and quality products.

The whole process is a beautiful chain of transformation. Miraj Labels thus is like a self-tailored, uniquely engineered concept of ‘dominos’ which when plunged is going to make an impact with so many dependent market factors. Finally, revealing a transformed, much-evolved market to invest and to live. Miraj envisions taking the concept to more other second and third tier cities, thus by implementing the same spirit of change and evolution into building a smarter version of itself.

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