Miraj Group: One Journey, Many Milestones

A peek into the journey of the leading business group of India

Started out in the year 1987, Miraj known for their legendary image transit is one of the prominent business groups in India. Being one of the leading tobacco exporters, the group is today is known to have secured a dominant position in major global industries, breaking free from their trademark image of ‘tobacco Kings’. Having unprecedented hold in sectors such as real estate, engineering, retail, pipes and fittings and more, Miraj outshines its competition with its colossal growth and visionary thinking. Billion dollar industry, built on a notion and shared belief of, “if there is passion in heart, nothing is impossible”, the success story of the group is nothing but motivational and moving.

It is a story of hard work not struggle, a vision, not an idea, and belief in oneself not a leap of faith that make-up the legendary journey of the group. Founded by Mr. Madan Paliwal, CMD, Miraj Group, the major turning point in the business lifecycle was when they underwent a diversification process, opening a whole new set of global opportunities for the group in the year 2000.

With this, celebrating the success of 32 years and uncountable global milestones set by the group since their inception, it is a pleasure to share with you the journey of India’s leading conglomerate that has committed itself for life on the slogan of “your trust is our identity”.

Miraj Multicolour Pvt. Ltd.

Kick-starting a new venture, Miraj Multicolour Pvt. Ltd is an ISO 9001: 2008 certified printing and packaging company. Starting its operations just in 2001, the company holds the benchmark record of manufacturing 3.50 Lac notebooks, printing and packaging material per day. It is also one of the leading manufacturer and exporter of office stationery products in the global business scenario having its roots strong in globally leading cities.  

Power-packed with high-tech technology and other needful material aspects Miraj Printing and Packaging is known to be the first-of-its-kind notebook manufacturing company installed with ECH WLL machines. Furthermore, it also qualifies as the only packaging plant in Rajasthan India that has the capacity to build about 25 Lac packaging boxes per day, given it is a fully-equipped German machine. Miraj Multicolour Pvt. Ltd. is a 3600 commercial print service provider company that works combining pre-press and post-press solutions.

Acharan Enterprise Pvt. Ltd.

Slaying their tobacco image, inch by inch each year, 2003 was a milestone in the corporate life of Miraj Group. Starting an FMCG division in 2003, Miraj FMCG in last 10 years has seen a massive growth budding out as one of the key players in the tea market with about 70% of share hold right since the inception. Being one of the hardest to penetrate markets of India, it was seen as an opportunity than as a challenge at the Miraj Group making them today indomitable.

Increasing their line-up of FMCG products, today Acharan Enterprise Pvt. Ltd. is known to have held in the major segments of FMCG, including detergent, Food Products.  Also, Miraj Tradecom Pvt. Ltd. is one of the divisions of the group which works as a manufacturer, supplier, and exporter in one of the widest range of Namkeen production of India that sees to the manufacturing of wide range of snack production.  

Miraj Pipes and Fittings

Going step by step every year, in 2004, Miraj Pipes and Fittings was established in India. It was a dedicated division set-up offering a quality product in the plastic industry. It is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company that since 2004 is manufacturing, rigid PVC pipes, HDPE pipes and fittings, HDPE sprinklers, plumbing material like SWR pipes and fitting, uPVC plumbing pipes and fittings and much more.

The exceptionality of the division was its mass production capacity that is still unprecedented. It is estimated to produce about 55640 ton/year creating products as per the prescribed Indian standards. From in-house modern laboratory, testing, manufacture and to export Miraj Pipes and Fittings has become one-stop-solution and top pipe manufacturers in India, providing agriculture & horticulture for the subsidy.

Miraj Developers Pvt. Ltd.

Further, in 2010, Miraj introduces its new real estate division by introducing Miraj Mall, in Ajmer. Keeping central the ideology to transform the property market of Rajasthan, today, Miraj real estate has several of its ventures set up in multiple cities of India be it Malls, residential properties, integrated townships, entertainment destinations, affordable housing, and many others. Today Miraj Developers are widely known real estate developers that have an upcoming venture of creating world’s tallest Shiva Statue placed centrally to a planned amusement park in Nathdwara. The massive Miraj Shiva statue is 351 Ft tall statue is ranked fourth beating Statue of Liberty by a significant measure.  Today, Miraj Developers is a renowned name and have become the synonym of the quality and assurance in the real estate market.

Miraj Miracle

Passion driven as the group is, they forayed into the entertainment industry by introducing Miraj Entertainment Ltd.  Naming cinematic marvels of Bollywood such as Madaari, Tell Me o’ Kkhuda and Queens! Destiny of Dance, Miraj has had a remarkable breakthrough in the movie segment of India. Started only in 2008, they are now positioned amongst one of the major film production companies in India.

Going with the notion of spreading smiles on the millions of faces and making an impact with their ingenious cinematic concepts today they are into productions of short films, movies, entertainment series and much more under Miraj film production.

One of the major achievements of the Miraj Entertainment Ltd. is the exemplary winning of multiple awards in the Los Angeles Movie Awards 2012, including the ones for best director, best cinematography, best special effects and much more.

Miraj Engineering Ltd.

One of the most recent ventures of Miraj, innovators as they are Miraj Group has continually worked on changing the shape of industries with high tech technology and their implementation. Miraj engineering has started in 2008, has similarly worked on creating heavy machineries challenging the problems faced in the tobacco industry.

One of the most notable innovations of Miraj Engineering is their India first ever Food robot- Roti master. This roti maker machine is one of its kind in India and third in the whole world providing bread making solution such as Indian flatbread, tortilla, wraps, pita and much more and that too on just one click.

Miraj Cinemas

Recently completing the benchmark number of 100 screens throughout India, Miraj Cinemas is one of the sister concerns of Miraj Entertainment Ltd. it is the movie exhibitor company that has about the presence in more than 39 different locations in India. The USP of the cinema house lies in its quality services and screening of regional cinema.

Miraj entertainment thus is one of the most evolving segments of the Miraj Group targeting the niche audience with their witty content and epitome of services. Miraj Cinemas is fueled with 2K Digital Projector, 3D system, Multi-cuisine cafeteria, parking facility, recliner setting and much more.

Miraj Retail Pvt. Ltd.

Started only in 2017, the Miraj retail outlets are dotted across the major cities of India with about 13+ retail stores.  The retail chain in India is showing a massive growth, statistically doubling up each year. At the core of the segment, the goal is to explore the numerous global and regional opportunities while providing a line of multiple products under one roof to the consumers at wholesale rates.

Setting their own records and growing with the light speed the retail segment is all set to make a breakthrough with the hypermarkets and a high-end multi-brand fashion chain- dubbed as Labels. By the year 2020, it is estimated that Miraj retail stores in India will grow up to staggering 1000 stores opened pan India.

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