Impact of Packaging on Consumers

Impact of packaging on consumers

The study of consumer behavior has helped for years in creating tailor-made marketing strategies to enhance sales. Marketing efforts when synergized with consumer buying behavior can lead to affect consumer psychology to trigger emotions such as buy or want for product, service or a company.  In the same surge, printing and packaging has emerged as a key player.

Printing and packaging plays an important role in market planning for a business. Sales have found to be directly proportional to the impact it makes on consumers while choosing between an array of products. It is able to trigger that ‘buying’ action in a consumer and thus is able to generate larger sales.

According to many leading market strategist, product packaging is the first point of analysis for consumers while making a buying decision for any product. It is representative of the quality of the product and brand image itself that is an ultimate selling point for many consumers.  Right printing and packaging of the product is eventually a critical point of discussion in the retail business. The behavior and design differentiate your product from the competitors.

Packaging behavior and design affect shopping behavior. Colours attract attention and are used in sync with your marketing goals. It should be pastel or bright, soft and feminine or adult or bold colours on carton box packaging? It all depends on your buyer pool and marketing goals.

So these were just some examples. To understand the position of packaging in other areas better, here is the list:

1. Branded Packaging:

Purchase decision and brand image are an important factor of discussion. The best practices of marketing ensure a product is able to create brand engagement and a loyal customer base throughout its lifecycle.

We are in an era where brand identity is judged by the packaging material, colour, design of wrapper and much more. Annexing the same, some of the brands have worked creatively in enforcing a unique image in their consumer minds by providing innovative packaging options.

For example, companies selling technology products are more into providing state-of-the-art modern and sleek designs to reflect the futuristic quality of their products.  Similarly, beverage packaging and food packaging can use unique bottle designs, secure and spill-proof technology innovation or merely just easy to open and eat.

The best practice of brand packaging is to promote differentiation from the competition. Products facing huge competition are helped maximum by package design as they are able to attract buyers to their products much more easily.

Colour schemes can speak so much louder for your brand. For example use of bright colours, a combination of chic colours with black; give the buyer a sense of sophistication. While the use of floral colours in products of cleaning gives them a sense of spiritualism and freshness.

2. Secure Packaging:

For many products and items, secure packaging is a need. What sense does it make if you have an awesome design if the purchased product vulnerable to damage on the inside? Robust and secure packaging options thus prevent a product from those damages.

Secure packaging inculcates a sense of quality in buyers, and also you are able to make the same impact with reduced returns. One of the newly emerged concepts is the use of biodegradable packaging material, which can be turned into an effective promotional method. Many supermarkets and other industries are now using up-cycled materials and are able to enforce a sense of goodwill in customers.

No brand would want in currently informed purchase ecosystem to be labeled as a brand with no sense of environmental concerns. Consider your packaging and printing to be your free advertisement tool that beautifully speaks your company’s motto.

3. Packaging Effects on Marketing:

When you believe your packaging and printing to be an integral part of your marketing strategy, you can turn the tables completely around. It brings great effect on sales, brand identification, brand awareness, costs and so many dependent and independent factors.

You just have to take pragmatic decisions. Packaging can, in fact, turn into your greatest tool to encourage sales while reducing production costs. While thinking of changing your product designs, you can consider Miraj Multicolour Pvt. Ltd. that can help you make a positive impact on your bottom line with our innovative solutions.

4. Promotions:

It is a smart way of promotion. Imagine the thousands of resources you invest in promotions. Why not turn the product that sits on shelves among millions of consumer to be turned into a promotional tool.

Unique brand identity thus can be secured by turning colour, size, shape or other features of the packaging.   Attraction thus churns up the buying decision process. For more information, you can compare your product design with your competitors. Discounts, contents add-ons, health benefits, printed information, you can manipulate every aspect of your product packaging to grab attention and send targeted marketing message.

5. Graphics:

Last but not least, comes graphics. Graphics are what we call the emotional triggers that can evoke the ‘act of need’ in consumers. Images, designs, colours that people are able to relate to or release emotions of relaxation, love or merely touch an old memory are able to create a great emphasis on buyer decision.

Wrapping Up

In a nutshell, Printing and Packaging can be your turnkey factors to encourage your sales, reduce production costs, generate brand engagement, challenge competition and the list goes on. How? It is with innovation, quality and experience.

For which you can consider Miraj Multicolour Pvt. Ltd. We are leaders of the packaging industry that provide innovative printing and packaging solutions. We are carton box manufacturers that provide a wide array of services for FMCG packaging, technology sector, electronic products and others. Here you will find sophistication of technology, use dependable packaging machines and other technical attributes that help us provide you ‘out of the box’ secure and attractive packaging solutions. For more information, you can visit Miraj Multicolour Pvt. Ltd.


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