Miraj Group: Adopting new ways of Film Production

Miraj Group: Evolving in the sector of Film Production adopting latest film trends

With the speedy growth in technology and fast-paced changes in consumer preferences, there has been a huge pressure on the Film Production Industry to continuously come up with the latest trends. Since the target is constantly to attract the larger possible audience that not only accepts but also involves emotionally with the movie you have created, lots of efforts are required. Film production houses have transitioned from sticking to traditional technology & methods to adopting the latest trends that meet the present day expectations. To foster legit “larger-than-life” results on screens, producers have to set a budget limit and work on it to complete the shooting schedule without exceeding the budget. Before I dive into the who’s who of film production, let me first give throw some light on how technology has affected the scenario of film production:

1. Camera

It is of paramount importance to use the cameras that adopt the newest technologies so that higher definition shots can be taken. The development relies on the simple rule that ‘the better the raw data, the better output can be developed post-production.’ Earlier there were simple cameras that only focused on capturing the shots in appropriate lights. With the arrival of a variety of Go pros and Mark IV, even the minutest detail can be captured making the scene more authentic. These cameras are winning the game even when it comes to shooting the clearest images underwater as well as taking the perfect sky shots, without the fear of damage.

2. Editing

The editing team does not anymore undergo the painstaking process like earlier, because of the adoption of highly-automated editing software in the film production process. Although to set the atmosphere with the appropriate visual effects, it is important to properly synch the audio, video, and effects in the scene smoothly, so much so that the user finds it real.

3. Development

Footages that are created in a day must be worked upon the same day post-production; otherwise, the entire resources lined up for that day go wasted. Earlier the development team only had to augment and compile the edited segments. But nowadays, the development team have to put in 4D/7D effects, add animations and complete the dubbing if necessary to give a finishing touch to the film product.

4. Distribution

Rights to the film and trailers are distributed to the best bid and that gets a production house a lot of revenue generated in the first place. Earlier the distribution process had not touched the apex of the capability it had to gain the viewer’s attention. But with the digital world taking over, there is an increase in film distribution platforms that have also resulted beneficial.

So, these were some of the major changes that have upgraded the flow of process inside a movie production Company. Indian media and entertainment have secured itself as the second fastest growing market in the world with its creative video production companies working competitively day and night. With the growing demand of Indian Films and short Films across the globe, a number of production houses have joined the race to get acclaimed nationwide and across. Some of the budding film production companies like dice media, Illuminati films, Miraj Miracle production house, etc are thriving to create exceptional content in various genres. They have explored and created the various types of films that are making rounds over the internet. Take a read to get the brief of a few:

a. Web Series

With the adoption of a fast lifestyle, people have dropped the traditional method of watching daily soaps on TV. The era where Binge-watching is gaining prominence, web series have taken the front seat and have become the people’s choice. Moreover, unlike the most unrealistic melodramatic storyline on TV, web series brings up more relatable content. Miraj Production house has also produced very popular web series like, What’s your status, Baked, Pyaar on the rocks, Andha Dhoon Kanoon, etc that cover all types of genres.

b. Documentaries

People nowadays have become multitasking which makes them value every second they spend. With that being the situation, short films or documentaries have become the preferred choices as well. Documentaries and short films ensure that the content is on point and the story is simple. They try to tweak the content and entertain the public with an exceptional direction idea that creates the buzz. Mehfooz and Kanche aur Postcard are two heart-touching and innovative short films that are produced by Miraj Miracle.

c. Music Videos

Earlier music videos were pictured such that they a part of a story, but now music videos have an independent storyline. Nowadays, Music production companies have also started paying attention towards the video content which also decides their success rate. You can spot videos like Bootee Pila De and Friday Night brought to you by Miraj Miracle.

d. Animated media and Multidimensional effects

With the larger section of the Indian population playing online games, animation and effects have become the most prominent choice. India has also succeeded in creating world-class animated movies and short films as well.


With these new factors prevailing, many movie production companies have created a niche and have succeeded in bringing out the most creative talents recognized on a larger scale. Movies now are made with smaller running time, which creates a pressure of implementing the story in a shorter span of time. Miraj Miracle has also been doing well with co-producing stellar movies like Madaari, Queens: Destiny Of dance, etc. Now they are ready to come up with their latest movie named as By Pass Road. There are so many more contributions and changes that are adding to the Indian cinema industry that is going to change the scenario considerably.

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