Is Udaipur Evolving from its Traditional Set-up?

Is Udaipur evolving from its traditional set-up?

Even a single mention of Udaipur City gives you a solid rush of traditionalism. From gorgeous lakes, modern café-setups in the same placid and timeless royal backdrop to the heroic legends- just anything that says Rajasthan pops up your mind screen.

Udaipur is a small town located amidst the beautiful Aravalli Hills in Rajasthan.  For decades, the beauty of the city has driven global patrons to Rajasthan, making Udaipur one of the leading tourist cities of India. Not only that, the touristy set up of Udaipur was so engaging that until a few years ago the state economy encashed a major share from it.

This traditional setup and dependency on tourism, however evident it is fruitful in driving good money from global onlookers, it became a setback for the natives of Udaipur. People were somehow transfixed in the same-old traditional approach which was very apparent in their business concepts and operations. Also, businesses were hugely dependent on a single industry to extract as many benefits as they can.

Furthermore, what became a nightmare for the tourism-dependent small scale businesses was the entry of big industrialist who saw Udaipur as a pot of opportunities. Unable to match the quality and operational dexterity small scale businesses were hardly coping up in this new dynamic.

However, there are some leading business groups in India that have originated from Udaipur and are working wholesomely in helping Udaipur to fly high – now not only in terms of tourism but also in other erupting business domains such as hospitality, manufacturing, engineering, FMCG and much other.

Miraj Group is one such business conglomerate that is transforming the narrative of Udaipur in the global business skyline.  Miraj Group started out in the year 1987 is one of the leading business groups of India, which has a leading position in Real estate, manufacturing, Printing and Packaging, Pipes and Fittings, Film productions and much other.

Starting its journey from Nathdwara, a small town nearby Udaipur, Miraj Group is working tirelessly redefining the fate of the two cities. From participating in CSR to giving India the world’s tallest Shiva statue (Statue of Belief) to developing the iconic gateway in Nathdwara, brick by brick Udaipur and Nathdwara are getting transformed.

In the visionary guidance of Mantraraj Paliwal, Vice Chairman, Miraj Group, the group is continually giving the world something progressive and iconic to talk about Udaipur and Nathdwara. Starting their very own retail chain, Miraj Group inaugurated their 13th Miraj Supermarket in Udaipur with a vision to touch about 100 supermarkets pan India till the end of the year 2019. Steering its way all the way up to the top of the global business domain, they have also bagged the honor of achieving the milestone stat of opening 100 cinema screens pan India.

Evolving so much transcendently in multiple verticals, they have tried and succeeded in dragging global investments to these two cities. Multiple global ventures are now been planned to keep Udaipur at its central. If you think that it’s all, let us tell you it is not. Miraj Group is gladly announcing the launch of high definition fashion store – Miraj Labels.

Making Mantraraj Paliwal the Youngest Business tycoon in the Retail sector, Miraj Group is envisaging the transformation of buyer experience of populous in second and third-tier cities. Launching the first store in Udaipur, it is very clear that the vision is to bring significant change in retail business models.

With a major venture capital being invested in the project, the ranging investments done in the beautification and development of the city with visible investment in the real estate is expected to drive investment.

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