Check Out this Season’s Fashion Essentials to Look Forward To

Get monsoon ready with these wardrobe essentials

For seasons may come and seasons may go, but fashion stays forever. This is the reason that keeps us motivated to stay updated about the latest trends coming each season anew. After the egress of the winter season, and the summer season on the verge of bidding goodbye, we now need to prepare for our most favourite rainy season. It’s time we enjoy the rain dance in style. As soon as the new season arrives, people take over the street flaunting the latest styles that they managed to lure from some designers and fashion experts before anyone else could. Don’t we just feel like we have missed the boat at that time? That time we end up thinking our fashion is not updated enough. But don’t worry, we are here going to elaborate a buying guide for you.

Strict budget is also one of the major reasons why we do not prefer shopping every season, instead, plan to reuse & restyle using the previous year’s wardrobe. We are going to guide you with the most iconic fashion trends of this rainy season. To make this haul easy for you, we have done our homework to bring to your notice the topmost prominent and latest fashion trends. The good news is that all these styles will come to your wardrobe at very feasible prices. All thanks to the End of Season Sale on all the top fashion brands, at Miraj Labels, Udaipur.

But first things first, get the gossip about the latest fashion styles in Men, Women and Kids fashion:

1. Ladies First:

Ladies are undoubtedly the most fashion craving species. So ladies fashion is of the utmost importance. Girls, we know you are drooling over Deepika’s and PeeCee’s sexy red carpet looks. So, to mention only the least yet the best three fashion trends, give a read to the following:

a. Just pant-blazer suits:

All the style-savvy ladies and the fashion show-goers are falling for this amazing style this season. It is cool and classy at the same time. This fresh blend of elegance in style is the reason why this can be worn both formally as well as at parties. Helping you make a striking and chic-like impression, just pair the bright colored blazers with the A-line pants or straight pants in the same color.

b. Puffed shoulder sleeves:

No other dress style can even match the comfort and style that a stylish top when paired with skinny jeans, gives. Ultra chic and timeless style are what everybody loves to carry. Not only in shorts and t-shirts, these ruffles and oversized silhouettes, can even be used on dresses to make a style statement. Ruffles give a royal vintage look to the modern dress style in no time, plus the minimalistic design keeps you from looking over-the-top.

c. Baggy jeans:

A white tank top and damaged baggy jeans, and there you go! Any shirt or t-shirt you put over a pair of bagged jeans stands out at almost any informal outing. Comfort and style coming hand in hand!

d. Denim all the way:

Denim outfits gained momentum since last season, and are still heading strong as a timeless fashion choice. A complete denim dress or a full jumpsuit might look intimidating, but the charm and style remain unmatched.

2. Gentlemen Fashion:

Looking good is not very difficult for men, but when the temperature drops, it becomes even easier. Isn’t it amazing how men wear in such a minimalistic way and still manage to look so dapper? Get alert men; read the following most loved styles of 2k19:

a. Blue/khaki/denim shorts:

Men’s style is all about an acute balance between comfort and style, so shorts are a staple in that case. Shorts are a summer essential as well as along with being a stylish garment that makes you look preppy and athletic at the same time. Guys do go playful with the color options available in shorts, but one can choose khaki color if you want to be on the safe side. Amongst all those options, denim wins the game as the timeless style item.

b. Patterned/ plain-linen shirts:

Plain light colored shirts are a style that helped you chill in summers like a pro. Also, Hawaiian shirts and patterned short-sleeved shirts are a prominent choice for this season. Boys love to opt for t-shirts and polo tees also if they do not fancy shirts too much.

c. Chino Pants:

Chino pants are the most loved type of pants that render comfort. Made from the light material, chino pants make the men feel at ease even in humid weather. Olive, grey and light blue shades are the most common picks amongst men.

3. Time for Tiny Tots:

Although kids are cute in anything they wear, after Taimur and Aaradhya raising the bar high for kid’s fashion, kid’s fashion needs to be taken care of as well. Check out:

a. Abstract Prints:

Abstract prints inspired by their favourite superheroes, the latest technology or even funky gadgets that trend is something that is loved amongst the kids. These prints can be carried on shirts, t-shirts and even dresses. The level of comfort depends on the choice of material.

b. Playful colors:

Combine colors in different styles; they look the cutest that way. Whatever kids wear, make sure that represents their unique personality, thereby making them look the fashionable Millennial kids.

These were all the top picks we could find for your this season’s wardrobe. All you have to do is rush to the nearest Labels store, and binge shop all these styles at super effective prices. Don’t procrastinate this and then face the major FOMO feels. Make the most out of this End Of Season Sale, and make a fashion statement all the while it rains.

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