6 Fashion Styles for Men that can Impress the Millennial Girls

Avail men fashion styles that girls find impressive

A confident man is definitely attractive but a man with a well-chosen wardrobe donned with nice grooming is irresistible to a whole another level. Although we know we should not judge anybody on the basis of their looks alone, but the first impression matters the most!

Men believe in a dress to impress, but find it perplexing to choose that correct dress style that will impress girls. We have got you covered on that! Taking notes from girls themselves, about what dress styles in men make them fall for them, we are trying to help you guys. Just read the following points mentioned here:

1. Well fitted suits:

The most royal and standard type of clothing that amplifies masculinity the most is wearing formal suits. Business events or fancy events, suits are the right option to go with. A suit should not be worn dangling without the correct fit, in fact; men must take care of the right fit!

Women are drawn to men that have a good v-physique. Big shoulders and trimmed waist adds to the magic. Wait, don’t hit the gym immediately! Instead, ask your designer to take care of the padding under the suit. You may also avoid the hustle to a certain extent by choosing the readymade, designer suits by Blackberry’s available at Miraj Labels. You may also get to avail the bumper End of Season Sale offering exciting goodies like trolley bags, fitness bands and even headphones on purchasing formals from Blackberry’s.

2. A nice Watch:

The flick of the twist to see the time is so much more attractive than waking up the screens of your smartphones to do the same. This makes it mandatory for a man to carry a good watch to make an impression.

Wearing a watch signals how responsible or organized a man is, and this attribute is loved by the women way more than you can imagine. Choose a watch that looks minimalistic yet unique, to allure the women you like.

3. Chic shirt + slim-fit jeans + sneakers:

If you do not want to overdo your look, or if you do not feel like wearing formals considering the type of event, then this is the style you choose. Nothing matches the level of charm that a basic white t-shirt, when paired with nice blue/black denim, imparts. Couple it with the sneakers and you are winning the game. All these latest trends in casual wear for men are available at as good as 70% off at Miraj Labels. Levis, Ed Hardy, Flying Machine, UCB, Pepe jeans, name a brand and there you are with the latest fashion at mind-boggling prices and exciting offers.

4. V-neck t-shirts/ sweaters:

The power of the V shape can’t be underestimated because ‘V’ stands for versatility. The best attribute of the V neck t-shirt or vests is that makes the guys look more athletic and attractive. Women get easily drawn to the clothes that look casual yet classy on men, and that is something v-neck shirts can do effortlessly. Although you may choose different colors according to varying seasons, v design is a safe bet in most of the cases. DO NOT OVEREXPOSE THE CHEST, because that is a major turnoff for women.

5. A fragrance that lingers:

Women decide what men they like, as per their olfactory receptors. Looks and appeal are all fine, but the fragrance is the boss. The men cologne is the most favorite thing for women, and that must be taken care of.

A strong manly fragrance makes a man’s presence even more impressive and lasting. So choose perfume wisely.

6. BONUS- “Chivalry and Good humor”:

Honor a woman and make her feel respected, you are halfway there. You own your look when you have confidence, but do not act rude at all. Politeness is still in trend. Plus, if you are humorous, you are almost there buddy! Women appreciate men who have a good sense of humor because they find them intelligent and fun to be with.  

So, work on the above categories and you may thank us later! Rush to the Labels store in Udaipur before all these good things run out of stock. They are raining amazing discount offers and exciting gifts for one whole month, we suggest you runnn!

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