Beat all the excuses to get your hands on End of Season Sale at Labels

Reasons how EOSS on Labels is actually End Of Excuses Sale

We can simply not deny how sinfully satisfying it is to binge shop. Don’t we always feed our brain with enough reasons to not go shopping, but our hearts always tries to convince us to the contrary. Finally, when we see the jaw-dropping sale on our favorite fashion brands, most of us fail in resisting the additions, and the scoreboard becomes Heart=1 Brain=0.

Well, that sometimes hurt our bank balance a little, when while buying the most yearned for styles we forget when to stop! Chuck it, who cares anymore? With the introduction of the mega summer sale on our favorite most brands at labels showroom, we bet you can’t stop but run to grab the latest trends. Although some people will try their best to hold on to their excuses to not shop, we are here to help them break the fence and shop. Read some of the common excuses we use to avoid shopping and see they are just not enough:

1. It’s not my Birthday Month, why should I shop?

Yeah! We get you, it’s not your birthday month! You do not have to worry about someone else stealing the thunder. But don’t we just love when we are limelight’s favorite in any party? So, parties and occasions do not knock your door before they happen, they simply happen and we need to be prepared for all of it!

2. I prefer high street fashion, not a brand freak!

It is absolutely okay to not be a brand bragger but when those high fashion brands (that we secretly love) are available at prices so low, why not shop? We know all those branded fashion impart a signature style that is unmatched. So, be a wise person and dig for this reasonable deal asap!

3. There is no big day, no upcoming party

So what there is no party in your calendar so far? You can still purchase casual outfits or fashion accessories that you may need in your everyday routine. Also, plan a party not only because you have a party dress planned in advance, but also because life is too short!

4. I will work-out and get fit first and then buy stylish clothes

We have been buying that promise from you since forever. Just love your body and buy whatever size fits you the best! And, even if you accomplish your target and lose some weight afterward, you can always get your clothes altered. So, this is not even a reason!

5. I am not getting to go on any vacation for now

It is not necessary that you plan a vacation every year in the same season. It is no big deal if this summer season you have decided to chill at your home itself, bingeing on tv series with a tub of popcorn. You can still buy some amazing stuff from the sale, for the vacation you have postponed.

6. I will save money and be a millionaire one day

Nobody has ever become a millionaire out of saving money by not buying clothes!! Why save when you can look awesome all the time? Compliments are more precious than money, so just head yourself to this mega fashion sales.

7. There is no wedding season, it won’t be a smart investment to buy ethnic now

This is acceptable. Since there is no wedding season right now, you may not want to purchase ethnic outfits for now. But, you can still buy some timelessly stylish Indian wear that will save you from end-moment rush when you have to attend some family functions or traditional events. Since we know, in India one can never fall short of reasons to wear Traditional.

There may be a thousand reasons to not shop and control the shopaholic in you, but trust us; just one reason can negate all of that. That one reason is a bumper summer sale on the latest summer fashion for one and all, on all the premium brands. We know you won’t feel very happy when your BFF will flaunt all her amazing shopping at smart prices and you will be sitting and listening to her with your bagful of reasons why you didn’t shop. Hurry, purchase now!

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