Gear Up Indians: Blue is the color of the Month

Flaunt in Blue: A quick guide to align your everyday fashion in world cup style

One can never misdress wearing Blue because blue is the color synonymous to elegance and refinement. Since a very long time, Blue is considered a color of solemnity which is the reason why it was considered the most suitable to be worn on extremely royal or special occasions. But, with the passage of time, Blue became the most integral part of the everyday dressing, be it wearing suits to the offices, to wearing uniforms to school and even wearing the most casual pair of Jeans. So, now it has become a color we simply can’t do without. Later, even Indian Cricket Association chose the color blue as the color for Indian Cricket team’s jersey.

Being a cricket crazy nation, Bleed blue is an initiative to express our support towards our cricket team that marks India’s presence globally. With the beginning of the most awaited month of the year, i.e. World cup 2019 series, you will find Blue wherever you go in India. So, for people in India, Blue is not just a color for making a fashion statement alone. It is a color of hopes and our passion to win. So, we have a solid reason to carry a spark of blue in our everyday outfit to show our support to our team.

We are here going to suggest you how to infuse the color Blue in every outfit of yours, to be impeccable and never trivial. Take a look at how:

1. Going out for a Match:

It is totally acceptable to lounge around in your home wearing your most favorite pajamas, but this is not how to manifest your style watching cricket match inside the stadium. Given the increased temperature and over-crowded stadium, it becomes essential to consider comfortable clothing. You may choose to wear Team India’s iconic blue jersey to show your full-flashed support to the team, on any basic pair of jeans.

The jerseys are made out of synthetic material that makes it a little uncomfortable to keep it on for long, especially if it’s a daytime match. So, you can also opt for the plain blue shirt or t-shirt to balance your ease with your passion.

2. March to work:

Yes, commitment to walk to your office every day makes it a little difficult to hit the stadium to cheer your team up. Don’t worry, that can’t stop you from keeping your enthusiasm high. It feels like your excitement is lowered from the peak of Everest, down to the deep sea beds. When at this point of time, a certain blue enters your soul; you must keep the vibe on with plain blue wide collared shirt on pencil pants. One can even choose to opt for a satin shirt on different shades of blue and pair them up with a skirt or pants, as per your convenience.

3. Be a party Chic:

No matter at work or at a party, we need to keep supporting the “men in blue”. Blue is a color that is charming when inculcated in any type of style. From plethora shades of blue, say sea blue, electric blue, navy blue or dark blue, you can choose any on a dapper playsuit or a short dress. The oomph and glamour this color has in it is unmatched.

4. Catch Up with friends:

When with friends, most of us prefer to wear the uber cool styles we have in our wardrobe. And what can be cooler than the color blue itself? You can keep the “Bleed Blue” plan still ON with light blue crop t-shirts on bright blue boyfriend jeans. There are so many other options available in short dress styles in the color Blue.

5. Up for some traditional event:

Almost every girl loved the dreamy blue sari look of Alia Bhatt on her best Friend’s wedding. So, one can even continue the trend of wearing blue this month to support our team, even when it comes to wearing traditional outfits. Royal blue is sure to be your first choice in any traditional attire your carry.

Day and night we are cheering for our Cricket team with all the zeal. Especially after the spectacular performance of Team India against the team Australia last night, it makes it even more assertive to keep our enthusiasm high. After the entire innings of teeth-biting incidents, we could not keep ourselves from capering around our rooms in the end. So let’s support our team for their upcoming matches. The idea is to not mess with comfort in style but to add a dash of blue in it. All these cool styles are available at the Miraj Labels showroom that rooms all the top-notch brands. From vintage choices to the futuristic patterns, you get to explore everything here, and we can help you from making any fashion faux pas. Other than that, keep cheering loud, ”Indiaaa…. India”!

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