Miraj Supermarket saving you from Grocery Shopping in scorching summers like a Superhero

Miraj Supermarket delivering Grocery Items at your Doorsteps

Since the inception of Miraj supermarket in the cities of Udaipur and Nathdwara, people have been able to purchase their imperative grocery items at many pocket-friendly prices. The idea of Supermarkets was coined to ease the inconvenience caused to the customers, in wandering in the markets to get the cost-efficient yet quality grocery items for consumption. So, instead of wasting their time in searching the superior quality products on streets, people just dropped at the Miraj supermarkets and saved their time by easily adding the items into their cart.

With the well-conditioned and hygienic aura inside the supermarket, the shopping became relaxing on the whole. We did not cease to add more to your convenience. So, Miraj Supermarket has now set up the web-based platform that allows customers to sit back on their couch and then go through all their online grocery categories like home care, personal care, baby care, beauty and wellness, gifting and beverages. Now the idea of shopping grocery items in pajamas while enjoying the popcorns came real. Miraj will now be providing super-fast delivery at your doorsteps. Check out the list of problems that have been taken care and solved by the online service we provide:

Problem #1: Inadequate pricing of same products at different stores in the local markets

Although the packed goods have their MRPs written at the back, but at common general stores, unpacked staples are available. This makes it difficult to know the actual price of the product. Some shopkeepers try to adulterate by adjusting the weights and cheat the customers. You meander from one shop to another, and end up feeling cheated. That is the worst feeling to experience. If you drop by at your nearest Miraj supermarket, you will find the superior quality packages goods, all coming at fair prices.

Even if you can’t spare the time enough to visit the store physically, you can simply order the items you want to buy online and our vendors will deliver them to you as fast as possible.

As a result of this, genuinity is maintained, quality is not compromised and above all, you save time to play another game of PubG.

Problem #2: Chances of getting erratic products that are sometimes non-refundable

When you choose to shop rice, dal, atta, etc, from general stores, they may sometimes give you the same at the cheapest prices, but they do not always guarantee you good quality. What if after reaching home you realize the staples you bought are not adequate for consumption. All your hard-earned money goes wasted. You simply can’t claim back the money in that case.

Miraj Supermarket brings you the ordered products with the complete quality assurance and the appropriate genuine bills, to ensure you get the best quality you deserve.

Problem #3: Unable to discover a wider range of brands for a fairer comparison

People nowadays are always on the go. They do not have the time to read or learn about the competitive studies regarding the best grocery products one must use.  They are more likely to buy products that are more prominent or are endorsed well. Also, shopkeepers not necessarily have all the products available all the time. This adds another crucial reason to put your trust in the service given by Miraj Supermarkets.

Inside the supermarket, you get to explore all the possible brands of the same product and do a satisfactory competitive analysis, before finalizing the purchase. Even on the online portal, the same facility is available.

As a result, there is one on one customer service that we deliver, with the benefit of saving your efforts from roaming in the market.

Problem #4: No provision of value offers and discounts on bulk shopping

Let us take an example of the real-time general store shopping scenario. You go there and purchase all that you want, and then go for the billing. The shopkeeper sums up the bill adding the exact prices of the products and you have to pay for them. While in our supermarkets, we offer amazing discount deals on bulk shopping, along with the discounted prices of each product on their respective MRPs. To add to the goodness, we even give value offers to our loyal customers to keep them with us forever.

You know it is definitely a better and a more pocket-friendly option to choose Miraj supermarket over any other option. Do not forget that all these allowances are still available when you shop the various skincare, healthcare and wellness products online.

Problem #5: Making grocery shopping a hectic job

People literally freak out, on the name of monthly grocery shopping. Reason being, too many things to take care of price, quality, quantity, deals! Do not panic, we’ve got you covered. We keep our clients informed about the deals and offers to give so that there is no hassling. Also, there is no need to stock all your monthly requirements on one single day. We offer delivery of the product at your doorsteps so that you can buy fresh products every week.

With everything coming online, why bear the pressure of going out and buying your everyday necessities? We believe in quality service. You can go out to buy from Miraj supermarket or you can order from the Miraj supermarket website online. We never forget that our ultimate aim is our customer’s satisfaction.

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