Catch up with your dear Papa over a good movie this Father’s Day

Catch up with your dear Papa over a good movie this Father’s Day

Dads are people whose love is unconditional. Our childhood capeless superheroes, our ultimate problem solver, the one we can always count on-sometimes even more than we trust ourselves. They marvel you and no matter how much time you spend with them you will never know when and how they will just take you by surprise from their firm decisions and unexpected display of love.

Sometime to catch us when we were about to fall, sometimes to pat our backs and then let us try again, sometimes to teach us the lessons of life in the most unimaginable ways, to the millions of time ensuring time will pass- they are totally awesome being.

On Father’s Day, coming this Sunday, we can steal some time for our #1 man and watch a movie with him. Although it is okay to watch any movie together, but to make it even more special, we suggest you watch the following movies with your dad. Take a look:

1. The Pursuit Of Happyness

This heartwarming drama is must watch with your father. The story narrates how a single father struggled to provide the needful for his child along with struggling hard in his own career. Watching the movie, you will be able to appreciate your father’s efforts and sacrifices that he has done to fulfill your wishes. Also, it shows when not everybody stands by our dad in the test of time, we, as children, owe them all the support and love to keep them going.  

2. Dangal

Parents are always possessive about their kids. It takes a lot of courage for them to subject their children to some threats and hardships, to make them learn something. This inspirational movie is all about a father’s sacrifice and hard work to turn the hopes he had vested in his daughters, into a reality. Our parents recognize our talents way before we realize, all we need to do is trust their guidance. Girls, this can be a perfect pick for you this Father’s Day.

3. Simba: The Lion King

Nothing beats the magical effect created by the animated movies that make you smile and cry at the same time. The equation of Mufasa and Simba in the film is adorable. You will see how his father’s lessons help him throughout his life. (Warning: it might make you weep buckets). We tend to take the guarding presence of our fathers for granted, but watching this movie will help you get up the sofa and hug your dad!

4. Finding Nemo

Another animated film that is an awe-inspiring drama to watch with your dad. Seeing the clownfish dad, who loved nothing more than his son, working hard to find his lost son is emotional as well as entertaining. Just like our fathers, who love us the most. This movie honors the paternal bond showing how far our fathers go to get us out of trouble.

5. Madaari

One spectacular movie showing how a father’s unfathomable love for his deceased son, leads him to expose the corrupt officials in the system. If you and your father love thrillers, this movie, co-produced by Miraj Cinemas, is one remarkable performance of Irrfan Khan that will be a wholesome entertainer.

6. Life is Beautiful

This movie is an iconic example of how selfless a father is. We can never thank god enough for this Superman, who gives us a reality check and provides rock-solid support through the problems in life. Watching this movie will be one of the best things to do this Father’s day.

7. Piku

It is said that the only girl a man loves the most is his daughter. Piku was one exceptional movie, that inspires to take care of our parents when they grow old, just the way they cater to our needs. This father-daughter duo is hilarious as well as emotional, making it a decent choice to have a good papa-beti time.

8. To Kill a Mockingbird

Our fathers are the ones who have always taught us to choose what is right. So, this movie can be an amazing film to watch with your father. The father in the film taught his kids about the social evils and to boldly voice their opinion against them. Our dad will surely be taking pride at the end of the movie and saying, see ‘fathers are always right!’.

With the special Sunday Of June arriving, you must be trying to find out the best ways to make your father feel special this day. Just giving a present alone does not suffice, we all know. So, to show him how much he means to you, choose one of the aforementioned movies and watch it with him. Happy Father’s Day!

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